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Organisation and Administration Diagramm / Director VAW: Prof. Dr R. Boes* / River Engineering: Dr. V. Weitbrecht* / Glaciology: Prof. Dr. M. Funk* Vice Director, Prof. Dr. D. Farinotti, Prof. Dr. F. Walter / Hydraulics: Prof. Dr. W.H. Hager / Hydraulic Structures: A. Lais* / Numerical Modelling: Dr. D. Vetsch* / Assistance and Teaching: Dr. H. Fuchs / Technical Services: A. Lais* // * member of Institute board Prof. Dr. R. BoesDr. V. WeitbrechtProf. Dr. M. FunkProf. Dr. F. WalterProf. Dr. W.H. HagerA. LaisDr. D. VetschDr. H. FuchsA. LaisProf. Dr. D. Farinotti

* member of Institute board

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