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Additional to the courses listed below, public seminars (blue colloquiums) are offered at VAW during the semester.

Information about the lecturers of VAW can be found under people. The contact details of the external lecturers are linked at the end of the page.

Autumn semester 2016

Number Unit Lecturer
101-0247-01L Hydraulic structures II  R. Boes
101-0249-00L Selected Topics on Hydraulic Engineering  R. Boes,
I. Albayrak
101-0258-00L River Engineering  G. R. Bezzola
101-0289-00L Applied Glaciology  M. Funk,
A. Bauder,
D. Farinotti
101-1249-00L Hydraulics of Engineering Structures  H. Fuchs,
I. Albayrak,
L. Schmocker
651-1581-00L Seminar in Glaciology  A. Bauder
651-3561-00L Cryosphere  M. Funk,
M. Huss,
K. Steffen
651-4101-00L Physics of Glaciers  M. Lüthi,
G. Jouvet,
F. T. Walter,
M. Werder

Spring semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
101-0206-00L Hydraulic Engineering  R. Boes
101-0259-00L River Revitalization  V. Weitbrecht,
M. Detert,
M. Koksch,
C. Weber
101-0268-01L Physical Modelling in Hydraulics  I. Albayrak,
H. Fuchs,
L. Schmocker
101-0269-00L River Morphodynamic Modelling  D. F. Vetsch,
A. Siviglia,
D. Vanzo
101-0278-00L Flood Protection  R. Boes,
H. P. Willi
101-0288-00L Snow and Avalanches: Processes and Risk Management  J. Schweizer,
S. L. Margreth
651-4162-00L Field Course Glaciology  A. Bauder,
D. Farinotti,
M. Werder
701-1806-00L Management of Hillslope and Channel Processes  D. Rickenmann
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